Interview on Book Festival in June 2023, Budapest

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Short interview at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest.

Repair Society video-podcasts. Part I-IV.

Brain Bar 2022

Nippon Hyoron Sha [Japanese] Part I and Part II, 2021.

Talkback with Natalie – upcoming release of Ranking. Kalamazoo College, 2019.

Time – a talk with Dr. Erdi. 2012 Institute of Advanced Studies, Durham University


Towards a Repair Society Podcast

Ranking: The social game we all play Interview with Péter Érdi [in Hungarian], Az elet meg minden, 2022.

Ranking with Péter Érdi: Roger Dooley, 2020.

Model Talk: Ranking and Repair (with Dr. Péter Érdi): Remote Software Genius, 2020.


Olah Andrea Interview

Selected Reviews

Review – Ranking [Hungarian version], 2021

Ranking – About the Korean version, 2020.

Review – Ranking, Oxford University Press, 2019.