“Unless you need tires for your car you don’t pay attention to the advertisements for tires, only when you need it do you start paying attention. That’s how people view healthcare; they don’t think about it until it is too late, and when they do it turns out to be pretty expensive.”

An interview with Rich Felbinger, the Chief Financial Officer of Borgess Health.

“…if we begin to create systems that marginalize or reinforce marginalization, then we’re losing assets. So, from a perspective of…complex problem solving—problem solving that needs everyone engaged—we have to move forward.”

An interview with Dr. Nick Andreadis, a retired community leader and medical doctor who currently works with Enroll Kalamazoo.

“As a young person, I think it is very important to learn as much as I can about healthcare access and health equity. While millions of people now have access to healthcare because of the Affordable Care Act, the fight is not over. We still have a long way to go.”

An interview with Skylar Young, a student at Kalamazoo College