About Our Project

Through our project we wish to chronicle the various voices and facets of the Affordable Care Act and its effect on the county of Kalamazoo.  Through the use of interviews and qualitative data, it is our aim to document the accessibility and affordability of health care that this new reform is bringing, as well as how it is affecting the people in our surrounding area and the citizens who make up Kalamazoo.  It is our intention through the final product of our project, to highlight the many voices that are a part of the Affordable Care Act, from the consumers who are newly insured, to those whose organizations and businesses are affected by the reform, to those who may not even be affected by the reform due to the privilege of being able to afford insurance.

The approach that we are taking to portray the affects of the Affordable Care Act in Kalamazoo County takes the form of a story project.  We believe that by profiling various individuals and putting faces behind the names of those in the wide spectrum of those in the county affected in any way by the reform, our story project will be relevant to a wider audience.  We will place our interviewees and their experiences into the wider scope of these healthcare issues that can be seen as relatable on a larger national scale.  Health is an issue that has effects on everyone, whether they have had the luxury of being able to afford healthcare without question, or are insured for the first time.  Through a written report and online platform, we hope to provide a resource through which people can learn of the effects of the Affordable Care Act in the Kalamazoo area.

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