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June 6th 2014, Art Hop: A time for the community to come and learn about stories of the Affordable Care Act in Kalamazoo, share experiences, and learn about our class project.  
We asked people one of three questions and had them write their answer on a dry-erase board.
1. What does health mean to you?

Well-being of the body (including the mind)
Health is when you feel good physically, mentally, & emotionally
Feeling strong in your own skin
A balance physically and mentally of the body which leads to happiness
Health is feeling good about the body you are in. Health is being able to smile. Health is the inter-workings of a community, supporting its members
Being conscious of how you feel – physically & mentally
Free of disease
Health is feeling good in your body & soul
Choices, Freedom, Power
Mental and physical well-being
Health is everything


2. What is your ideal world what does health care in Kalamazoo look like?

When no one would be financially burdened by getting health care
Health care would be holistic and personal
Accessible for everyone!
Bilingual resources: form in more languages than English, Assistance with the completion of forms in other languages than English
No one should EVER fear going broke because of treatment
Free, accessible, responsible, FAIR, inclusive, has choices, easy to navigate
It would be where everybody gets free health care
There would be no health care deserts!
Free accessible, preventative, comprehensive health care (including increased access to health / real food & mental health care!)
Easily accessed
Little to no cost for necessary and preventative health care
Prevention-focused and accessible to everyone
Everything would be free and people won’t be judged for any procedures done (i.e. abortion, mastectomy, etc.)
Holistic & available to everyone
Free accessibly health care for everyone!

3. How has the Affordable Care Act impacted your life?

My older brother who has cystic fibrosis is able to stay on my parents’ health care for longer.
Because of the Affordable Care Act, my best friend got health insurance for the first time in her life!
One of my parents will have health insurance
It had increased the health of my COMMUNITY!
My spouse and son will get covered!!!
I have free access to birth control
I will have health insurance when I graduate
Dignity & Respect
My family is covered & stays healthy
I have not had health insurance for more than 12 years. It is such a relief to have coverage and not be in debt every time I visit the doctor.
I now don’t have to worry about having health care in graduate school

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