I think the data shows that there is a need within the community for people to have a medical home, and that all the members of the collaboration were in agreement with this…all of those partners within Enroll Kalamazoo had that single focus, and that’s why it was so successful. They’re all marching to the same drumbeat.

An interview with James Greene, the retired Director of Community Relations at Pharmacia Corporation

“Having more individuals and families receiving healthcare coverage and/or expanded coverage…will improve appropriate healthcare access, provide affordable quality health care for the residents of Kalamazoo County”

An interview with Doug Stewart, the Director of Regional Outreach for Kalamazoo County.

“The uninsured aren’t always the poor; it’s a lot of small-business owners and professionals.”

An interview with Dr. Raymond Higbea, who has taught all of the health care administration courses at WMU for the past five years, and before that taught at Cornerstone University for two years. Dr. Higbea also did his doctoral research on access to health care and the uninsured, and joined the Enroll Kalamazoo Community Outreach initiative.

“I worked with a woman who had to come in three times because of glitches, and by the third try, she was very frustrated and unhappy. When it finally worked and she was going to have health insurance, she started to sob and explained; ‘I just never thought I could have insurance that great.’ Everything was worth it for that moment right there.”

An interview with Scott Janssen, an Enrollment Counselor and policy analyst at the Center for Health Equity

“People don’t like to wait anymore to see their doctor, they think they need it now. And that’s going to be one of the problems here with more people insured, is that…more people insured but there’s not more doctors”

An interview with Mark S.,* an Emergency Medicine resident, who describes himself as a physician in training to be an emergency medicine doctor.