De Voce

Vox est aer ictus , ut dicit Philosophus, sensibilis auditu quantum in ipso est. Omnis autem vox articula est aut confusa: articulata hominum , confusa animalium. Articulata est, que scribe potest ut a, e; confusa, que scribe non potest ut gemitus  infirmorum et voces volucrum aut bestiarum. Vox roboratur a quartodecimo anno, eadem in senecta exilio. Ad vocem emendandam et clarificandam piper album tritum in ore diu tene, salviamque frequenter sorbe et oleum gargariza. Porri etiam succum cum aqua calida gargariza. Quod si in balneo feceris, plus proficis. 

Voice is air having been struck, as the Philosopher says, voice is sensible for hearing however much is in itself. However, all voice is articulated or jumbled: Humans have articulate voice, animals have jumbled voice. Voice is articulate, is able to be written like ‘a, e’, Confused voice, which is not able to be written like the groans of the sick and voices of birds and beasts. Voice is given strength from the 14th year, the same voice as old age in retreat. In order to correct and make the voice illustrious, you must hold the ground white pepper in your mouth all day, frequently swallow sage, and gargle oil. You may also  gargle the juice of leek with hot water. But if you do it in the baths, you should get more benefits from it.

Articulo, articulare, articulavi, articulatus 1 divide into distinct parts; articulate

Balneum, banei n bath; bathroom, public bath place; bathtub; act of bathing

Bestia, -ae f. Beast; animal; creature; wild beat/animal

Confundo, confundere, confudi, confusus 3 combine; merge; jumble; blur

Emendo, emendare, emendavi, emendatus 1 correct; improve

Exilium, -i n retreat

Gargarizo, gargarizare, gargarizavi, gargarizatus 1 gargle

Gemitus, -us n groan, sigh

Oleum, olei n oil

Philosophus, -i m Philosopher

Piper, piperis n pepper

Porrum, porri n leek

Roburo, roborare, roboravi, roboratus 1 give strength to; reinforce

Salvia, salviae f sage

Sensibilis, -is, -e adj perceptible; sensible

Sorbeo, sorbere, sorbui, sorbitus drink; swallow

Succus, succi m juice; potion; medicine

Tritus, -a, -um adj common; well-worn; familiar

Volucer, volucris m bird; flying creature 

Vox, vocis n voice

Philosophus : Most likely refers to Socrates, the “father” of western philosophy. 

Vox sensibilis est : supply vox, “voice is sensible”.

Auditu : Supine, “for hearing”.

articulata hominum, confusa animalium : Supply voci in both constructions. Ablatives of description translated as “Humans have articulate voice, animals have jumbled voice”.

Articulata : modifies vox. supply vox.

Que : substitute with quae, “which” 

Que scribe potest ut a, e, : Imitative speech. Translate as, “which is able to be written like ‘a, e’”. 

Confusa : modifies vox. supply vox.

Que : Similar to previous que. Translate as quae or perhaps omit. 

Gemitus … voces : Nouns. Translate as, “groans of the sick and voices of birds and beasts”

a quartodecimo anno : Ablative prepositional phrase. Translate as “from the fourteenth year”

Ad vocem emendandam et clarificandam : Indirect clause of purpose. Translate as “In order to correct and make the voice illustrious,”

Piper album tritum in ore diu tene : Similar to an internet craze known as “The Cinnamon Challenge”, this advice to clear the voice is really painful when you accidentally inhale ground pepper.

Salviamque : Two words, salviam + que

Quod si : When combined with si, quod translates to “But if”