De cirogrillo

Cirogrillus animal est lege prohibitum. Est autem animal parvum et naturaliter debile et in hoc plerumque mirabile, quia licet debile sit, tamen infestum et rapax est et mortiferum ceteris animantibus terre.

Concerning the cirogrillus. The cirogrillus is an animal prohibited by law. It is however a small animal and naturally weak and for the most part astonishing in this, because although it may be weak it is nevertheless hostile and greedy and it is deadly to other living things of the earth.

debilis, a, um adj. weak; feeble

infestus, a, um adj. dangerous; hostile

lex, legis n./f. law

mirabilis, a, um adj. wonderful

mortifer, a, um adj. deadly

naturaliter adv. naturally; normally

plerus, a, um adj. the majority; most

prohibeo, prohibere, prohibui, prohibitus 2 hinder; restrain

rapax, rapacis adj. rapacious

terreo, terrere, terrui, territus 2 frighten

licet: means “although” here. Often it is translated as “it is permitted” but in this case it means “although.”

sit: third person singular subjunctive form of “esse.” Here it is used as the potential subjunctive, which is translated “it may be.”

terre: is really terrae (the ’a’ is omitted as was common during 13th c. Latin writings)