Current Lab Members


Prof. Michael S. Wollenberg, Ph.D.


Blurb: I am an assistant professor of (Micro!)Biology at Kalamazoo College. More blurb here.

One Weird Fact: My facial hair is seasonal.


MG_6404Audrey Thomas ’19


Blurb: Audrey is looking at autoinducer responses of P. luminescens; she is a prospective biology major who enjoys bacteria, whales, and traveling around Michigan.

One Weird Fact: Audrey is addicted to “The X-Files” TV show.


FullSizeRenderSusmitha Narisetty ’19


Blurb: Susmitha is making a rpoN-driven transposon vector in order to create a P. luminescens mutant library.

One Weird Fact: There are no weird facts about Susmitha; none at all.!.