This page describes my plagiarism policy.

I also have created an entire page giving common examples of plagiarism that I have seen. Students are advised to read the below and study the example page.
Student’s are also advised to read Kalamazoo College’s Student Code of Conduct and description(s) of academic dishonesty.

To me, plagiarism is one of the worst kinds of academic dishonesty and I treat it as such.

I have a simple policy:

1. The first offense will result in a failing grade on an individual assignment and may result in a failing grade in the course.

When I detect plagiarism in an assignment, that assignment is immediately given a failing grade (note that this is a zero-tolerance, no-warning action). Additionally, I will meet with the offending student, discuss the issue, and remind the student of the consequences of a second offense. Depending on the type of plagiarism, I may decide to give a student a zero in my course. Finally, as per Kalamazoo College’s Student Code of Conduct, the first offense will be reported to the Student Development Office.

2. The second offense will result in a student receiving a failing grade in the class.

Additionally, I will file a formal complaint in writing about the second offense to the Student Conduct Admin. (as per Kalamazoo College’s guidelines). The student will then be subjected to a Student Conduct Hearing and additional disciplinary actions may be imposed on the student, as outlined in the Student Code.